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We mainly realize the asbestos surveys of your buildings, but not only. We are your long term partner concerning all your issues linked with asbestos. We propose you a personalized approach of our services that fits to your specific needs.


Management Plan :



  • To realize an asbestos situation of your building, focusing only on the visually accessible materials and considering specific parameters, through  sampling  to be analysed by a certified laboratory

  • To determine the rate of asbestos materials for health

  • To give advices on the short-term, medium-term and long term for the management of these materials

  • Annual update

Are concerned:


  • Building owners having employees (for example: caretakers)

  • Property managers

  • employers of firms surveying work on sites


Destructive asbestos surveys:



  • To realize a deep survey in case of renovation or demolition of a building

  • To define in depth the asbestos containing materials, through sampling to be analysed by a certified laboratory

  • To define their quantity and dimensions

  • To determine their presences on maps

  • To fill in the official request before any works

Are concerned:


  • Building owners

  • Employers / occupants

  • General contractors

  • Certified asbestos removal companies

In addition to asbestos surveys, Pegase Environnement offers to take care of all the asbestos management process, defending your interests. Pegase Environnement is your consultant but is not an asbestos removal company.

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